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about Josephine


Quite simply, I love yoga. I love how I feel while I am on my mat moving, how I feel while sitting in meditation and most significantly, I love how these feelings continue to resonate within me as I do life. My teaching is rooted in the desire to share this joy with others.

My introduction to yoga came by way of Richard Hittleman's book, Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan. It was the 70's and the book belonged to my Mum. I would flip through the pages and 'play' yoga. It felt good and it was fun. Though I never managed to do all twenty-eight days consecutively (that didn't seem so fun!), I continued to use the book as reference.

In my early 20's, while travelling around the world, I happened upon the practice of meditation. My first sitting experience was a month-long silent retreat, meditating 10 hours each day. Despite the challenges involved, both physical and mental, I was deeply moved by the sense of peacefulness that I experienced.

It wasn't until several years later that the inevitable happened: my interests in yoga and meditation merged into one practice. Teaching seemed like the natural progression.

Since completing more than 500 hours of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, I've had the pleasure of teaching in a wide variety of settings: my own yoga studio in North Vancouver, yoga studios throughout Vancouver, health clubs, corporate yoga classes, international conferences, high schools, private homes as well as leading retreats at Whistler's Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, in Baja Mexico, in the mountains of Nepal and my home studio on Quadra Island.

I continue to learn from and be inspired by Vancouver's senior yoga teacher Kate Potter and Theravandin Buddhist monk Venerable Sujiva as well as the writings of Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

My current practice focuses on bringing both the physical and mental awareness that I am cultivating through yoga and meditation, to all of my life experiences. Whether I am paddling the waters of Sutil Channel, contemplating the design of my summer garden beds, or gliding along the cross country ski trails on Mount Washington, I try to remind myself that whatever is happening now, in this moment, is my practice. Playing yoga, with a smile.