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DVD cover

Continue your practice at home
with Josephine's instructional dvd of

Yoga teacher Josephine Anderson and Martial Arts instructor Stephan Kesting have combined their skills and passions to create this dynamic 60-minute yoga class, suitable for anyone new to yoga as well as more experienced students.

photo: lunge

The classic format of this flow yoga class appeals equally to yoga students and martial artists: creating a stronger, more flexible body, mastering the breath and calming the mind.

Each posture is presented in detail with easy to follow instructions, shown from multiple angles for maximum clarity. Beginner and more advanced variations are demonstrated to ensure both safety and challenge for all levels of students.

photo: downward dog

World music soundtrack created by Vancouver musician Andrew Kim, is both calming and energizing as it follows the flow of asanas (postures).

This session includes:

Breathing:  Techniques to quiet the mind and control the breath

photo: frog

Cat Series: Fully stretch, strengthen and articulate the spine

Sun Salutations: Warm up and energize the entire body using four variations of this traditional Hatha Yoga flow.

Seated Flow: Stretch and stabilize the legs, hips and back

photo: seated twist

Supine Flow: Strengthen the core, release the spine and fully relax

Available on DVD $20

Please contact Josephine to purchase this dvd/video.

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