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"Josephine's Yoga sessions appeal to people of varying ages and abilities. Josephine has the unique ability to create an atmosphere that is friendly, warm, light hearted, intuitive, inclusive, and fun. Her expertise and love of the practice is what makes it perfect for me."
- Karin, North Vancouver

"Josephine provides a comfortable and easy-going environment in which to learn yoga. Her teaching style is considerate and well thought out. the asanas are progressive with alternatives suggested when more difficult postures are tried. The result is beneficial to both body and mind."
- Charlotte H, Vancouver

"On the retreat, I could not wipe the smile off my face all weekend long - a very special experience."
- Christine Petrov, Vancouver

"Josephine combines breathwork, postures and her own intuition to create a yoga session that is perfect for each moment and each student. Her sessions can energize, inspire, heal, or soothe. Whatever the moment calls for. I am very grateful for the yoga that Josephine brings to my life."
- C.F. lawyer, Vancouver

"Josephine's deep understanding of hatha yoga is evident in the attention to detail that she brings to supporting students in finding the safest ways of practicing postures. Her classes offer a lot of variety from week to week, yet they always contain the elements needed for a satisfying session.

But perhaps her students benefit most from the mindfulness and humour that Josephine incorporates into her practice of yoga. After a class with Josephine, my body feels relaxed, my spirit is refreshed and my mind is calm."
- Ksenia, Burnaby

"Life doesn't seem to be getting simpler; that said, we can all benefit from anything that gets us to check in with our own self, our own breath. Having been lucky enough to chance upon Josephine, I have become a big fan... Whether it be drop-in or weekly classes, or for that "aired out , run your being through the laundromat " experience, a retreat does the trick quite nicely. Whatever your level, Josephines' awareness puts you at ease and works from that point with personal insights specific to each individual. Knowing Josephine brings a sense of, in her words, "ahhh" to my day."
- Thomas, Vancouver

"Josephine has a welcoming and soothing personality. Each yoga session is a new experience, changing constantly to meet the needs of all members of the class. I always leave Josephine's class calm and relaxed but still ready to tackle the rest of my day."
- Greg G. Vancouver, BC

"The energy of this retreat was so beautiful. The space, the people, the surroundings. Thank you for bringing these things together. I can't believe it was only a weekend."
- Adrienne, Vancouver, BC

"Josephine makes yoga easy, with a down-to-earth, approachable and encouraging attitude. Her approach emphasises a humility and level of comfort with each person's ability and experience that makes it healthy and much less than intimidating. It feels more like a group of friends getting together than a class."
- Peter W. Vancouver, BC

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